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About Us

Blue Ridge Lumber Company is a full service building supply dealer working with both builders and home owners throughout Northern New Jersey.

  • Gregory Ackerson President Blueridge Lumber

    Gregory Ackerson - President
    Greg serves as the President and owner of Blue Ridge Lumber. He took over after his father retired in 1992. Blue Ridge Lumber was a single yard location and employed 16 people at the time. Greg has expanded the business throughout the years to include 4 additional stores located in Hackettstown, Kenvil, Ogdensburg and Fairlawn, NJ. He also started Grand Rental Station which has two stores located in Blairstown and Hackettstown NJ. The combined organizations employs over 90 people.

  • Jeffrey Jacobus - Buyer

    Jeffrey Jacobus – Buyer
    Jeffrey joined the BRL team in November of 2015. Jeff has been in the building trades for over 32 years, most recently with USG Corp., focusing on interior commercial products. Prior to that, Jeff was the General Manager of a medium sized NJ based builder with over 500 residential new home projects completed. Jeff assumed the Buyer position in 2016 and oversees purchasing for all five branches.

    • Charles Post Blueridge Lumber General Manager

      Charles Post - General Manager
      Chuck has been with Blue Ridge Lumber since 2003. He was a manager from 2003-2013 at both Hackettstown and Kenvil locations. He is a skilled manager with an extensive background in the lumber industry. As General Manager, he will be overseeing all store operations and sales, will work closely with store managers and continue to manage the growing road sales staff.

    • Carol Metzgar Blairstown Office Manager

      Carol Metzgar - Blairstown Office Manager
      Carol joined Blue Ridge Lumber in 1993. As Office Manager, she is responsible for the overall accounting and financial function at Blue Ridge Lumber. She is a vital part of our team.

    • Douglas Bayer Blairstown Store Manager

      Douglas Bayer - Blairstown Store Manager
      Doug has been with BRL since 1988. He has had a lot of hands-on experience, working several different positions within the company over the years. From 1998 until 2004, he headed up the Hackettstown store as the store manager. Currently, he is the manager of the Blairstown store.

    • Rich Gagnon Hackettstown Store Manager

      Rich Gagnon – Hackettstown Store Manager
      Rich joined Blue Ridge Lumber in 2010 as an inside salesperson in Hackettstown. Rich brought 30 years of retail lumber management experience with him. Rich is equipped with a vast amount of product knowledge, purchasing and inventory control. Rich was promoted to store manager of our Hackettstown location in 2013.

      • Corey Groves Kenvil Store Manager

        Corey Groves – Kenvil Store Manager
        Corey joined the sales team in September 2013 and has been appointed Manager of the Kenvil location. He has a long history of retail lumberyard management and has been working in the industry since 1997. He is an excellent manager who possesses great customer service skills. Corey is a great addition to the team.

      • Craig Lawson Ogdensburg Store Manager

        Craig Lawson – Ogdensburg Store Manager
        Craig became part of the BRL team in 2008. He has 25 years of experience in the business with extensive knowledge of all facets of a lumber yard from operations to sales. Craig has developed strong relationships with our customers and contactors through his involvement with sales. Craig was manager of our Kenvil store and is now responsible for our new Ogdensburg location.

      • Chris Enright - Manager

        Chris Enright – Fair Lawn Store Manager
        Chris joined the Management Team in 2016 and was appointed Manager of the Fair Lawn location. Chris brings over two decades of retail lumber experience, during that time he has worked both as a Manager and Outside Sales Representative. Chris possesses excellent managerial skills as well as being a talented sales person. His great product knowledge and customer service skills make Chris a valuable addition to the team.

Celebrating 56 years in business


Blue Ridge Lumber was founded in 1960 by Donald and Grace Ackerson . They leased a small portion of Read's Apple Jack distillery and started to build their dream selling rough lumber. They steadily built the business from ground up and were eventually able to buy the building they were leasing in the early 1970's. They then built a 12,000 sq ft showroom and warehouse on that site which remains as the flagship store and Company Headquarters. Don and Grace worked together for 32 years building a very successful business which employed over 25 people in the late 1980's. Blue Ridge Lumber now employs over 75 people and has 5 locations spanning across northern New Jersey. In 1992 Donald retired and Greg, his son, became president at the age of 26. Greg is a graduate of Lehigh University (1989) and worked for Somerville Lumber prior to returning to the family business in 1992.

Since 1992 Greg and his team have expanded the company several times:

  •       1995- Start up of Grand Rental Station- Blairstown, NJ
  •       1998- Purchase of Williams and Hibler, Hackettstown, NJ
  •       2005- Opened 2nd Grand Rental Station, Hackettstown NJ
  •       2008- Purchase of Wickes/Bradco , Kenvil, NJ
  •       2010- Purchase of Wickes/Bradco Kitchen and Bath
  •       2013- Opened a new location in Ogdensburg, NJ (previously Kuiken Brothers)
  •       2016- Opened a new location in Fairlawn NJ (previously Glen Rock Lumber)

Through the years Blue Ridge Lumber has built a reputation by providing exceptional service and the highest quality products available to all its customers through a highly trained staff all at a fair price. Blue Ridge Lumber is now considered by many to be one of the premier building supply companies in all of New Jersey.


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